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Public inspection dates for the 2010-2011 financial year, for all principal UK authorities.

This list also includes details (where supplied) for non-unitary district, borough and city councils in England.

For additional information relating to unitary, metropolitan & shire councils etc. (copies of relevant notices and links to relevant websites) click the links on the right hand column.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has added a search facility on its 'DirectGov site, linking council webpages detailing inspection rights and dates (for English councils only). Link here.

All Councils A-Z


Aberdeen (29.7-18.8),
Aberdeenshire (25.7-12.8),
Adur (5.7-1.8),
Allerdale, Amber Valley,

Anglesey (1.8-26.8),
Angus (25.7-12.8),
Antrim, Ards,
Argyll & Bute (22.7-11.8),
Arun (1.7-28.7),
Ashfield (1.7-28.7),

Avon Fire


Babergh (28.7-24.8),
Ballymena, Ballymoney, Banbridge,
Barking/Dagenham (25.7-19.8),
Barnet (13.6-8.7),

Barnsley, Barrow-in-Furness,
Basildon (1.8-26.8),
Basingstoke & Deane, Bassetlaw,

Bath & NE Somerset (11.7-8.8),
Bedford (1.8-26.8),
Bedfordshire, Belfast,
Bexley (11.7-5.8),
Birmingham (25.7-19.8),
Blackburn-with-Darwen (8.7-4.8),

Blaenau Gwent, Bolsover,
Bolton (14.7-10.8),
Borders Pension Fund (25.7-12.8),
Boston (11.7-5.8),
Bournemouth (18.7-15.8),
Bracknell Forest (13.7-9.8),
Bradford (13.6-8.7),
Braintree (5.7-1.8),
Brent (3.8-31.8),
Brentwood, Bridgend,
Brighton-&-Hove (27.6-22.7),
Bristol (1.8-26.8),
Broadland (13.7-9.8),

Bromley (8.8-5.8),
Bromsgrove, Broxbourne,
Broxtowe (12.7-8.8),

Buckinghamshire (18.7-12.8),
Bury (30.6-29.7).


Calderdale (13.6-8.7),
Cambridge (11.7-5.8),
Camden (25.7-19.8),

Cannock Chase (16.5-30.6),
Canterbury, Cardiff,
Carlisle (4.7-31.7),
Carmarthenshire, Carrickfergus, Castle Point, Castlereagh,
Central Beds (18.7-12.8),
Central Scotland Fire (25.7-12.8),
Ceredigion, Charnwood, Chelmsford, Cheltenham, Cherwell,
Cheshire East (4.7-29.7),
Cheshire Fire (6.7-2.8),
Cheshire West/Chester (4.7-29.7),
Chichester (11.7-5.8),
Chiltern, Chorley,
Christchurch (20.7-16.8),
City of London (21.6-18.7),
Colchester (25.7-19.8),
Conwy (3.8-31.8),
Cookstown, Copeland, Corby,
Cornwall (27.6-22.7),
Coventry (22.7-19.8),

Craigavon, Craven,
Crawley (4.7-29.7),
Croydon (18.7-12.8),
Cumbria (4.7-29.7),


Dacorum, Darlington,
Dartford (11.7-5.8),
Denbighshire (18.7-12.8),
Derby (18.7-12.8),
Derbyshire (11.7-5.8),
Derbys Dales, Derry,
Devon (4.7-29.7: Warning. The council posted an online notice of inspection rights, but removed it a day before the period started),
Devon & Cornwall Fire (4.7-22.7: Warning. This inspection period is illegal because it is for 15 and not 20 working days),
Doncaster (25.7-19.8),

Dorset, Dover, Down,
Dudley (4.7-29.7),
Dumfries & Galloway (25.7-12.8),
Dumfs/Gallwy Pension (25.7-12.8),
Dundee (8.8-26.8),

Dungannon & South Tyrone,
Durham (25.7-19.8),
Durham/Darlington Fire (20.7-16.8).


Ealing (11.7-5.8),
East Ayrshire (1.8-19.8),
East Cambs (15.7-11.8),
East Devon (11.7-5.8),
East Dorset (4.7-29.7),
East Dunbartonshire,
East Hants,
East Herts (1.8-26.8),
Eastleigh (4.7-29.7),
East Lindsey, East Lothian,
East Northants (11.7-5.8),
East Renfrewshire (25.7-12.8),
East Riding of Yorks (18.7-12.8),
East Staffs (4.7-29.7),

East Sussex (11.7-5.8),
Eastbourne, Eden,
Edinburgh (18.7-5.8),
Enfield (1.8-26.8),

Epsom & Ewell (19.7-16.8),
Erewash (4.7-29.7),
Essex (18.7-12.8),
Exeter (11.7-5.8).


Falkirk (25.7-12.8),
Falkirk Pension Fund (25.7-12.8),
Fareham (4.7-29.7),
Fenland, Fermanagh,
Fife (1.8-19.8),
Fife Pension Fund (1.8-19.8),

Flintshire, Forest Heath, Forest of Dean,
Fylde (20.6-15.7).


Gateshead (11.7-5.8),
Gedling (4.7-1.8),
Glasgow (25.7-12.8),
Gloucester (27.7-23.8),
Gloucestershire (12.7-9.8),

Gosport (18.7-12.8),
Grampian Fire (25.7-12.8),
Gravesham (4.7-29.7),
Grt Yarmouth (25.7-19.8),
Gtr London Authority (18.8-15.7),
Gtr Manchester Fire
Greenwich (14.6-11.7),
Gwynedd (3.8-31.8).


Hackney (18.7-12.8),
Halton (21.7-17.8),
Hammersmith/Fulham (11.7-5.8),
Hampshire (4.7-29.7),
Harborough (12.7-8.8),
Haringey (20.7-16.8),
Harlow (28.7-24.8),
Harrogate (27.6-22.7),
Hart (9.8-6.9),
Hastings (was 1.7-20.7, now 3.8-31.8: Warning. The original notice was illegal because it was not placed in a local newspaper 14 days inadvance of the inspection period. It also provided only 15 working days for the public to inspect and copy the accounts, instead of 20 working days as specified in the regulations. The council re-issued the notice and adjusted the dates in response to ONB Ltd's enquiry),
Havant (4.7-29.7: Warning. The inspection period is illegal because the council failed to publish an online notice advising local taxpayers and voters of their rights, 14 days in advance of the inspection period. A council spokesperson told ONB: "The council advertised the right to inspect the council's accounts in the Portsmouth News on 16 June 2011.
This notice was not put onto the Council's web site"),
Herefordshire (5.8-6.9),

Hertfordshire (11.7-5.8),
Hereford/Worcs Fire (11.7-5.8),
Hertsmere (18.7-15.8),
High Peak,
Highland (29.7-22.8),
Highland Fire (29.7-22.8),
Highland Pension (29.7-22.8),
Hillingdon (4.7-29.7),

Hinkley & Bosworth,
Horsham (30.6-27.7),
Hounslow (1.8-26.8),
Hull (18.7-12.8),

Humberside Fire (18.7-12.8),
Huntingdonshire, Hyndburn.


Inverclyde (25.7-12.8),
Ipswich (8.8-2.9),
Isles of Scilly (18.7-12.8),
Isle of Wight (27.6-22.7),
Islington (27.6-22.7),


Kensington & Chelsea (4.7-2.8),
Kent (13.6-8.7),
Kettering (18.7-12.8),
Kings Lynn & West Norfolk (was 18.7-12.8, now 18.7-26.8: Warning. The council omitted to advertise the statutory notice on its website. Following ONB's enquiry, KLWN has now extended the period after consultation with its auditor),
Kingston-upon-Thames (4.7-29.7),

Kirklees (13.6-8.7),
Knowsley (13.6-12.8: Warning. The public inspection is void because the council failed to advertise the statutory period on its website, in violation of the 2011 regulations).


Lancashire (4.7-29.7),
Lancs Fire (4.7-29.7),
Lancaster (4.7-29.7),
Leeds (13.6-8.7),
Leicester (18.7-12.8),
Leicestershire (11.7-5.8),
Lewes, Lewisham, Lichfield, Linavady, Lincoln,
Lincolnshire (20.6-15.7),

Lisburn, Liverpool,
Lothian Pension Fund (18.7-5.8),
Lothian & Borders Fire (18.7-15.8)
Luton (18.7-12.8),


Magherafelt, Maidstone, Maldon,
Malvern Hills
Manchester (14.7-10.8),
Mansfield, Medway, Melton, Mendip, Merthyr Tydfil, Merton,

Mid Devon (28.6-23.7)
Mid Suffolk,
Mid Sussex (14.7-10.8),
Middlesbrough (4.7-29.7),
Milton Keynes (1.7-28.7),

Mole Valley, Monmouthshire, Moray, Moyle.


Neath Port Talbot, New Forest,
Newark & Sherwood (13.7-9.8),
Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Newham,

Newport, Newry & Mourne, Newtownabbey,
Norfolk (11.7-5.8),
North Ayrshire (1.8-19.8),
North Devon,
North Dorset (4.7-29.7),
North Down, NE Derbys, NE Lincs,
NE Scotland Pension (29.7-18.8),
North Herts,
North Kesteven (11.7-5.8),
North Lanarkshire (22.7-11.8),
North Lincs (20.7-16.8),
North Norfolk,
North Somerset (11.7-5.8),

North Tyneside (4.7-29.7: Warning. The notice on the council website is illegal because it does not give contact information relating to the external auditor),
North Warwicks,
NW Leicestershire (4.7-29.7),
North Yorks
Northampton (1.7-29.7),
Northamptonshire (4.7-29.7)

Northumberland (4.7-29.7),
Nottingham (1.8-26.8),
Nottinghamshire (4.7-29.7),
Nuneaton & Bedworth (4.7-29.7).


Oadby & Wigston,
Oldham (20.5-17.6),

Orkney Islands (21.7-10.8),
Orkney Pension (21.7-10.8),
Oxford (4.7-29.7),
Oxfordshire (11.7-5.8).


Pembrokeshire (27.6-22.7),
Pendle (20.7-16.8),
Perth & Kinross (25.7-12.8),
Peterborough (14.7-10.8),
Plymouth (4.7-29.7),
Poole (18.7-15.8),
Portsmouth (14.7-11.8),
Powys (13.7-9.8),
Preston (25.7-19.8),


Redbridge (25.7-19.8),
Redcar/Cleveland (1.7-28.7),

Redditch, Reigate & Banstead,
Renfrewshire (25.7-19.8),
Rhondda Cynon Taff, Ribble Valley,
Richmond-upon-Thames (was 21.7-17.8 now 8.8-5.9: Warning. The inspection period was re-scheduled because the council failed to post a copy of the public notice on its website, at least 14 days before the commencement. A spokesperson told ONB: "Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. To ensure the Council fully complies with the requirements of the 2011 regulations we have revised the inspection dates and republished the notice online and in the Richmond and Twickenham Times"),
Rochdale (28.6-25.7),

Rochford (1.8-26.8),
Rossendale (8.7-5.8),
Rotherham (5.7-1.8),
Rugby, Runnymede, Rushcliffe, Rushmoor,
Rutland (27.6-24.7: Warning: The authority's public notice gives the final date of public inspection as (Sunday) 24 July 2011. The law requires that 20 working days are provided and this period is therefore one day short of the statutory requirement),


Salford (1.8-26.8),
Sandwell (1.7-28.7: Warning. The period is illegal because the council failed to upload a public notice on its website until 21.7 - three weeks into the inspection),
Scarborough (19.7-15.8),
Scottish Borders (25.7-12.8),
Scot Brdrs Pension (25.7-12.8),
Sedgemoor (4.7-29.7),
Sefton (11.7-5.8),
Selby, Sevenoaks,
Sheffield (18.7-12.8),
Shepway, Shetland,
Shropshire (13.6-8.7),
Shrops Fire (27.6-25.7),
Slough (4.7-29.7),

Solihull (1.7-28.7),
South Ayrshire (1.8-19.8),
South Bucks, South Cambs, South Derbys, South Gloucs, South Hams,
South Holland (11.7-5.8),
South Kesteven, South Lakeland,
South Lanarkshire (28.7-17.8),
South Norfolk, South Northants, South Oxon, South Ribble, South Somerset, South Staffs, South Tyneside,

Southampton (14.7-10.8),
Southwark (4.7-29.7),
Spelthorne, St Albans, St Edmunsbury,
St Helens (25.7-19.8),
Stafford (12.7-8.8),
Staffordshire (27.6-22.7),
Staffs Moorlands, Stevenage,
Stirling (1.8-19.8),
Stockport (4.7-29.7),
Stockton-on-Tees (20.6-15.7),

Stoke-on-Trent (4.7-29.7: Warning. The council has not complied with the regulations because its website notice provides incomplete information to taxpayers and voters),
Stoke/Staffs Fire (1.7-28.7),
Strabane, Stratford-on-Avon,
Strathclyde Fire (28.7-17.8),
Strathclyde Pension (25.7-12.8),
Stroud, Suffolk, Suffolk Coastal,
Sunderland (1.8-26.8),
Surrey (21.7-17.8: Warning. The inspection period is illegal because the council failed to post a copy of the public notice on its website, at least 14 days before the commencement),
Surrey Heath (1.8-26.8),
Sutton (22.7-22.8),
Swale (11.7-5.8),


Tameside (4.7-29.7),
Tandridge, Taunton Deane,
Tayside Fire (25.7-12.8),
Tayside Pension (8.8-26.8),
Tayside Contracts (1.8-19.8),
Teignbridge (4.7-29.7),
Telford & Wrekin (4.7-29.7),
Test Valley (27.6-22.7),
Thanet (8.7-4.8),
Three Rivers, Thurrock,

Tonbridge & Malling,
Torbay (4.7-29.7),
Torridge (29.6-26.7),
Tower Hamlets, Trafford,
Tunbridge Wells (11.7-5.8).




Vale of Glamorgan,
Vale of White Horse (24.7-19.8).


Wakefield (13.6-8.7),
Walsall (18.7-12.8),
Waltham Forest (8.8-5.9),

Wandsworth (27.6-22.7),
Warrington (11.7-5.8),

Warwickshire (4.7-29.7: Warning. The authority's public notice initially did not give precise dates for the public inspection. This was later amended after ONB queried text with WCC, but not before the inspection period commenced. Both versions incorrectly asserted that access to documents was restricted under the data protection act),
Watford, Waveney,
Waverley (11.7-5.8),
Wellingborough (13.7-9.8),
Welwyn Hatfield,
West Berks (20.6-15.7),
West Devon,
West Dorset (11.7-5.8),
West Dunbartonshire, West Lancs, West Lindsey,
West Lothian (25.7-12.8),
West Oxon, West Somerset,
West Sussex (24.6-22.7),
Western Isles (2.8-22.8),
Westminster (10.8-8.9),

Weymouth & Portland,
Wigan (25.7-19.8),
Wiltshire (12.7-8.8),
Winchester (15.7-11.8),
Windsor & Maidenhead,
Wirral (18.7-12.8),
Wokingham (6.7-2.8),
Wolverhampton (25.7-19.8),
Worcestershire (23.6-20.7),
Worthing (5.7-1.8),
Wrexham, Wychavon, Wycombe, Wyre, Wyre Forest.



All Police Authorities A-Z

Avon/Somerset (4.7-29.7),
Bedfordshire (12.8-9.7),
Cambridgeshire (11.8-7.9),
Central Scotland (1.8-19.8),
Cheshire (8.7-4.8),

City of London,
Cleveland (18.7-5.8: Warning This inspection period is illegal because it is for 15 and not 20 working days),
Derbyshire (27.6-22.7: Warning. This inspection period is illegal becaues the authority failed to place an online notice of public rights to inspect accounts in tandem with a notice issued in the local media. DPA's treasurer Helen Boffy told ONB: "The dates have been set and advertised in the local newspaper, the Derby Telegraph, as required by the Accounts and Audit Regs 2011." She also (incorrectly) stated: "Website notice does not comply with the regs." The police authority placed the infomation online on 13/07/11 but has not re-scheduled or extended the period),

Devon/Cornwall (18.7-12.8),
Dorset (4.7-29.7),
Durham (18.7-12.8),
Dyfed/Powys (29.7-25.8),
Essex (25.7-19.8),
Gloucestershire (30.6-27.7),
Grampian (27.6-15.7),
Gtr Manchester (19.7-15.8),
Hampshire (1.7-28.7),
Hertfordshire (8.8-2.9),

Humberside (18.7-12.8: Warning. The statutory notice is illegal because it incorrectly asserts that the right to inspect accounts is restrictors to 'electors'. This is contrary to the statute and to case law, notably HTV West v. Bristol City Council 2004),
Kent (31.5-27.6),
Lancashire (was 4.7-29.7 now 8.8-2.9: Warning. The original inspection period was illegal because the authority failed to advertise the public rights on its website, 14 days before the start of the period. The authority posted the notice online on 13/07/11, in response to ONB's enquiry, but on 22/07/11 re-scheduled the inspection period with notice online and in the press. A spokesperson told ONB: "Thank you for bringing the original omission to our attention and we apologise for any inconvenience"),

Lincolnshire (29.6-26.7),

London Metropolitan (11.7-5.8),
Lothian & Borders (18.7-5.8),
Merseyside (4.7-29.7),
Norfolk (25.7-19.8),
Northern (29.7-22.8),
Northern Ireland,
Northumbria (11.7-5.8),
North Wales,
North Yorkshire (18.7-12.8),

Nottinghamshire (9.6-6.7),
South Wales (12.8-9.9),

South Yorkshire (25.7-19.8),
Staffordshire (4.7-22.7: Warning This inspection period is illegal because it is for 15 and not 20 working days),
Strathclyde (25.7-12.8),
Surrey (4.7-29.7),

Thames Valley (4.7-1.8: Warning: This inspection period is ilegal because the police authority failed to post an online notice of public rights to view the accounts on its website, until after the inspection period commenced),
Warwickshire (4.7-29.7: Warning. The authority's public notice initially did not give precise dates for the public inspection. This was later amended after ONB queried text with WCC, but not before the inspection period commenced. Both versions incorrectly asserted that access to documents was restricted under the data protection act),
West Mercia,

West Midlands (20.6-15.7),
West Yorkshire (11.7-5.8),
Wiltshire (4.8-1.9),

Strategic Authorities A-Z

Dartmoor Nat.Park (5.7-1.8),
Exmoor Nat.Park (17.6-14.7),
Forth Estuary transport (18.7-5.8),
Gtr London Authority (18.8-15.7)
Hitrans transport
Leeds City Region
London Dev'mt Agency (4.7-29.7),
London Pensions Fund (27.6-25.7),
Mayor of London (18.8-15.7)
National Assembly for Wales,
Nestrans transport (25.7-12.8),
River Tees Port HA (6.6-1.7)
Scotland Excel (25.7-19.8),
Sestran (Scotland) (18.7-5.8),
Sth Downs Nat.Park (27.6-22.7)
Sth London Waste P'ship (4.7-29.7),
Strathclyde transport (25.7-12.8),
Tactran (Scotland) (25.7-12.8),
Transport for London (27.6-22.7),
TWITA (Tyne/Wear transport) (1.7-29.7),
Yorks Purchasing Org. (28.3-26.4: Warning. This inspection period relates to the 2010 calendar year and not the 2010/11 financial year. The regulations require inspections to relate to audits running from April to March.)

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